1. Do you offer Bollywood Classes?

Bollywood is the informal name given to the popular Bombay (Mumbai) based Hindi language film industry in India. The dances from the latest movies, usually incorporate a potpourri of styles including elements of Indian folk like Bhangra, elements of Indian Classical like Kathak, and Western Dance Styles like Hip-Hop, Jazz etc.
At Xpressions we do expose the students to try out the popular old and new movie songs, but ensure that the elements of style and presentation remain essentially Indian. Care is taken to choose a song that is appropriate for the age group of the performing student.

2. Can I try out one class before signing up?

Yes, you can (only for 10+ age group), depending on when the session started. Please contact the director, so that she can suggest an appropriate class for you. However, from experience we know that in order to get a better feel for the class and the movements involved, it takes more than a single – class experience both physically and mentally.
There will be a nominal charge of $10 for this as the teacher spends time working with you in the class. This can be adjusted against the fees, if you sign up.

3. Can I come watch a class in progress?

Yes, you can! Please email or call to let us know the age group etc of the person who is interested in enrolling and we can suggest a suitable class for you to watch.

4. How do I sign up for classes? Do you audition students?

There is no audition for students. We believe that everyone can dance!
You can either contact us by email or call us to check availability in the class of your choice. We will let you know if there are spots available or suggest a switch to another day or time. Once enrollment is confirmed, registration forms will be mailed to you. You have to bring in the required forms duly filled along with the fee check, to the first day of class. For certain classes and workshops, a registration check needs to be mailed before hand, to secure spot.

5. What are the policy on missed class?

No refunds or credits for missed classes. No refunds will be made if student leaves class in middle of the month/session. Make up classes are given only if the instructor cancels classes on a/c of sickness, studio scheduling problems and other events. No make up classes for holidays. All extra classes taken during programs and rehearsals will be counted in as makeup classes.

6. Do students get a chance to perform?

We encourage the students to perform at various competitive and non-competitive events. Based on their level and experience, students are first exposed to local events organized at temples, city parks, fund raising shows, other dance shows etc. and then to competitions. In addition all students perform in the Annual Show at the end of the dance year in May.

7. I am an adult who is interested in signing up. Do I need prior experience? Also, will I be expected to perform?

Prior dancing experience is not required for an adult to register. But you definitely need to have the passion to put in the amount of effort involved in order to come out with a quality work. Dancers with experience are split into a different class so that beginners can work freely at their pace. We believe that part of the fun of learning this art form, is performing and we encourage all dancers irrespective of age to perform.

8. Where do I need to go for costume for jewelry for the performance?

We supply all needed costume and jewelry required by the students for performing. Parents do not have to worry about running around and getting outfits etc. for the dancer. We also provide all required props for the dance. There is a rental fee associated with this. New parents will be given a check list of other supplies needed before the performance.