Srividya is an amazing teacher! She guides the students in her classes patiently and with a smile. We are fortunate to have such a talented, dedicated and high-spirited person as our kid’s teacher. Supriya M – Parent

My daughter says you are the best teacher she ever had because, you don’t yell or get angry, you smile and have fun with all the students in the class. If my kids think learning is fun…then what more can I ask for? I think you are a great teacher too. Thank you very much. Suma Singh – Parent

The program was excellent and so was your attitude and teaching skill throughout the practices. Thanks for bringing this experience to my daughter. Srividya Ramesh – Parent

I am really happy that your dance group will be participating in our Cupertino Family Fall Festival. I think Xpressions was the best talent at International Night this last April. Your dancers showcased the Indian culture in a great way that was easy even for all enjoy. Bob Harrison, Entertainment Chair

Thanks Vidya for giving my child a great platform to learn and perform. It’s been a great experience for us and of course we would recommend your class to anyone. Anupama Donthi – Parent

I am looking at Dance Camps during summer and I know my girls would LOVE!!!
a dance camp at Xpressions! I strongly prefer the classes and camps you offer because I feel each folk dance that you teach, is a different experience of Indian geography, culture, music, movement, language, art, and teamwork all rolled into one huge piece of FUN!” You take the time to explain to the students the meaning of the song, so that dancing to songs in diff. language is easier. My daughters love coming to your class. S S – Parent

Vidya, great show as usual. My family talked a whole lot about the dances and performances but more than that about how there is a spirit of sharing and helping in everyone in your group. Everyone helps out knowing that it is the thing to do, and I think a lot of this is because of the atmosphere you have created. It is fun to be a part of this group. Nidhi Bhargava – Adult Student

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity you gave me to dance with my daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, was a bit nervous initially, but just moved around on stage and it was over so soon!!Thanks again Vidya for all the dances and being such a wonderful teacher to all the kids. Archana Munshi – Adult Student and Parent

VIDYA!!! … great show … your hard work and dedication is always apparent in all the performances and the smooth running of the show … Sharada Godbole – Adult Student and Parent